Pink Parcel – Time of the Month Boxes

Well I have covered beauty box clubs like Fab Bag, Sugar box, Envy box India which will help you discover new makeup staples, one subscription genre in particular has changed my life entirely by helping to cut down on those inconvenient trips to the pharmacy during that time of the month. Yes, I’m talking about periods.

These Period & Time of the Month Subscription Boxes are literally your fairy godmother who will deliver you the most essential period supplies just right when you need it. Forget your worries and get through PMS easily – most of these subscriptions have great extras to keep you feeling great, including delicious chocolates, relaxing oils, scented candles, and healthy drinks. 

1. Being Juliet


What: Period essentials subscription box

What’s inside: The box is filled with sanitary essentials, period pain comforters

How much: You can choose from 3 options they have depending on what would you like to get.

Be Juliet: Rs.1650/- (3 months)

Be Jane: Rs.900/- (3 months)

Be Jade: Rs.3200/- (3 months)

I love how you can customize your box by selecting the brand of pads, tampons and pantyliner if you need any and the quantity you usually need. You just fill in your details and select the package and they’ll have it deliver 5 days before your cycle.

Are you ready to step into Juliet’s shoes? 

Subscribe Here: 


2. Kitty Flo


What: Period essentials Subscription for that time of the month

What’s inside: The box contains period essentials and occasional treats and gift.

How much: Rs 599/- per month

Choose from the trusted brands like Whisper, Stayfree, Kotex, OB, Ria and your subscription plan from a month to a year depending on the price. This probably is the cheapest of the boxes and is simple and straight to the point — but sometimes that’s all you need.

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3. Those5days


What: Period essentials

What’s inside: Sanitary needs during periods with a bunch of other goodies

How much: You have 16 types of product and subscription packs depending on the brand you like. The cheapest one is Rs. 437/- for 3 months.

This one is designed considering the different needs. Not everyone will go for the same brand and has access to a lot of things available in the market. So this box is more like your pharmacy or store where you pick your stuff for the time of the month.

Do not forget to check out their period kits which they have smartly put together under Starter/Basic/Working/Travelling kit. If you’re a mother of a teenager, do check out their starter kit.

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There were a lot period boxes till last year but sadly most of them are discontinued like Violet Box, Cosset Box, La Coffeer to name a few. The idea of getting a beautiful box every month with little goodies is awesome especially you are someone who keeps forgetting to stock it up because you are busy juggling between work and home.

It’s a monthly gift that you’ll definitely want to keep and the best bit it’s affordable and great value for money too.

Pamper yourself ladies!


Images : Respective website


This has been written as part of the Bar-A-Thon 2 Challenge theme “Seven” .


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