Ka- ching: Jewellery subscription box

Jewellery Subscription Boxes are a new type of service that gives the user a subscription box each month which contains surprise jewels and we all love surprises, don’t we girls?

Jewellery adds a special something to your whole look and outfit. Buying jewellery is a tedious process as you will have to go to the mall, which is rarely possible in your busy schedule. By subscribing for jewellery subscription boxes, you will get a new set of jewellery right at your doorstep, that too without you having to choose them. All you need to do is choose the subscription box you want every month and keep getting the surprise jewels delivered right to your home.

Well, there are tons of subscription boxes for jewellery available in the market which you probably aren’t aware of so let me make your life easy by listing a few popular one today.



What: Monthly Jewellery Subscription 

What’s inside: Collection of selected fashion accessories; 5 pieces of jewellery which include a pair of earrings, a ring, a bracelet, a light statement neckpiece and one more statement neckpiece.

How much: Rs 1500/- per month

Subscribe Here:

This box is very much recommended for all those looking to jazz up their look with unique jewellery.

2.Bling Bag


What: Monthly Jewellery Subscription 

What’s inside: Every Bling bag has 4-5 crafted jewellery wrapped in a stylish bag which will be delivered to you every month. Their custom styled jewellery ranges from earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, belts, scarfs, anklets.

How much: Rs 1499/- per month (As you upgrade your plan you get more perks of course)

Subscribe Here:

An extensive choice of brand new and distinctive jewellery each month in their subscription box. Highly recommended.

3. The Little Bauble Box


What: Monthly Jewellery Subscription

What’s inside: This bauble box will surely enhance your whole style and beautiful personality. This box has jewellery designs from top designers and the pieces include anything from a necklace, chokers, rings, and cuffs.

How much: Rs 1499/- per month

Subscribe Here:

A little expensive, I completely agree but you can bring out your inner fashionista every month by buying this premium jewellery subscription box.

4.Crunchy Fashion


What: Monthly Jewellery Subscription

What’s inside:  A set of stylish jewellery that is going to accentuate your whole attire. This irresistible box contains a neck piece, a pair of earrings and a ring or a bracelet, an anklet or brooch depending on the subscription plan that you choose.

How much: They have two subscription plans to choose from ‘’Standard Box’’ which is for Rs.999/- per month and the ‘’Premium Box’’ is for Rs.1499/- per month.

Subscribe Here:

You are sure to impress your friends with a new trendy set of jewellery collection every month because it is a pretty cheap deal if you ask me.

5. Damsel Code


What: Monthly Jewellery Subscription 

What’s inside: Different subscription boxes which contain 2-3 jewellery, smallest and cutest pair of jewellery.

How much: They offer three different subscription box sizes Vanity Box, Luxe Box and I want it all Box which starts from Rs.999/- per month. 

Subscribe Here:

 I like the variety of jewellery they ship with their three different packs. Obviously, you get more accessories if you pay more but still fair deal if you want those blings every month. 


I end up purchasing earrings and neck pieces more than I buy anything else in a month so these awesome boxes will give you a new thing to look forward to every month. Psst, your girlfriend will love to have one of those- perfect gift. Have anyone of you tried one of these boxes; do leave a comment below.

Life isn’t perfect but your jewellery can and after all, who doesn’t love a surprise- Ka-ching!




This has been written as part of the Bar-A-Thon 2 Challenge theme “Seven” .  


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