Seven Memorable Skywatch Shots – #Barathon Day 4

Damn those shots 🙂

Soul Talk

I’m participating in the #BarAThon – a blogging Challenge which involves blogging on alternate days from Jun 17 – Jun 30, 2017. There is one common theme running across all the days, which is ‘Seven‘ and specific prompts for each of the blogging days, based on the titles of books.

Like the day before, I have chosen to go with the theme, again, today. This time it is Seven memorable skywatching moments. Here they go:

1. Catching the serenity of the dusk hour at Nahargarh Fort, in the outskirts of the pink city – Jaipur, was a very beautiful experience. The glowing sky was gradually losing its sheen, as the Sun dipped into the horizon and clouds drifted in. It was great to capture a few sky shots but even when the lights got dim, the sky had a beauty all of its own that one could only…

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