Oozo – New Kid on the Block

Have you ever visited a restaurant/ bar more than twice because you love their food and the ambience is cherry on the top?

Located in Saki Naka- Andheri East, Oozo- is a deadly combination of good music and foodgasm. This place is definitely head turner for Sheesha lover.

Allow me to introduce you to Chef Saif, who has feathers like “Fusion Kitchen”, “The Little Door”, “Flip Bar & Kitchen”, “Asanjo” on his cap. If you’ve been to these places, you already know that Oozo is a HIT already. This man is famous for his signature dishes and thinking outside the box and creating magic in the kitchen.

They have fair number of items of their menu from starters to desserts which will make you want to visit this place more often.


1.Mini Bunless Chicken Cheeseburger

It’s your mini burger without the bun. Yes, you have heard it right; they will serve you the chicken patty along with thousand island sauce with cheese slice and cherry tomato. Doesn’t that sound yummy?

2.Royal Saffaron Nachos

Are you someone who cannot just go without nachos, I bet you have never heard of this then. One of his signature dish, it is just not another nachos but Saffron flavoured nachos served with cheese sauce & black olives.

3. Beer Chicken Nachos

It’s raining nachos in this place. You’ve just got to try beetroot flavoured tortilla chips, topped with minced chicken flavored beer & chipotle sauce.

4.Yangnyeom Tondak

You usually avoid dishes with weird names but this Korean dish is something which shouldn’t be missed at all. It is chicken seasoned with kisher salt, black pepper, cited with a mixture of potato starch tossed with garlic dash tomato ketchup, rice syrup & gochujang, garnished with sesame seeds. (Gochujang is a Korean hot pepper paste)

5.New Orleans Prawns

This was one of my favourite dish; with prawns tossed in olive oil with onion, garlic, bell peppers in spicy sriracha sauce.

6.Papas ala saif

The one thing I loved about this was the presentation of the dish. This dish is a pan fried potato disc with yellow pepper cheese sauce was yummm topped with boiled egg and olives.

Main Courses:

1. Pollo Guisado

Another favourite, chicken breast stuffed with mushroom/spinach/Jalapeno, grilled to perfection, served in creamy cheese sauce. Highly Recommended 

2. Garides Tourkolimano

Medium sized prawns cooked in onion/garlic/green onion/tabasco/mint/basil. Good mix tasted too good. It is garnished with feta cheese and it is just yummy.

Moving onto the cocktails and drinks, which is definitely one of the reasons to visit this place.

1. Saif Special Tipsy Glass

You’ve got everything you need in a drink; Absinthe, Malibu, Captain Morgan, Vodka, Blue curacao, pineapple juice.

2. Ying Yang Martini  

I fell in love with the name right there and the presentation is just WOW. It’s chocolate with whipped cream, coconut milk, vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate shavings n M &M.

3. Choco Chip Cookie Shake

I am a huge shake fan, I always order shakes whenever I am out and this one is just perfectly made milkshake with obviously milk, vanilla ice cream, choco chip, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream & choco chip vanilla ice cream sandwich.

4. White Chocolate, Strawberry, Tiramisu Shake

You don’t usually get white chocolate milkshake so this one’s a treat for you with white chocolate, strawberry crush, spinge cake, vanilla ice, cream, mascarpone cheese, topped with vanilla ice cream. It is such a perfect combination and so much sweetness. 

 The thing I liked about this place and probably no one has ever come up with this is that they have three different sections which you can choose according to your choice. They’ve got casual fine dining, bar and sheesha lounge under one roof, could we ask for anything more?

Check them out on here: Oozo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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