Welcome to the Real World

I’ve been away from home for about seven years and I don’t feel homesick anymore. I do miss my family when I don’t see them for a while, but we talk on the phone often and visit when we can. I love them a lot but I wouldn’t ever want to live with them again. I think for me it changed when I moved out from my country and started building my own “home”.

Sometimes when I’m really stressed, I feel this weird homesickness that isn’t really about a physical place, but just wishing that I could be a kid again when I didn’t have bills or responsibilities or a real fear of death. But that’s really distinct for me from the homesickness I used to feel for my mom’s house when I first moved away.stalgic.

So I have summed up 5 different things that you’re going to miss when you move away because sure it has been great and rough at the same time.

Read here: http://www.indibeam.com/apsster



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