Till we meet again!

India – I met a lot of people who became friends and few of them now mean a lot more and are family to me. You leave a city or a country where you studied or worked with a purpose or sometimes to explore the options just to come back to your hometown with lots of memories; some good and some bad. You recall them for a couple of days and then get back to your regular routine where you belong.

But, there are some cities which leave a bigger impression and influence on your life; they teach you something which you’d never experience anywhere else and it’s going to be very difficult to bid goodbye to Mumbai. I have had my share of goodbyes with Bangalore but Mumbai: I have experienced the local trains, the heat and the uninvited rains, the rush and of course the calmness of the sea – I am going to effing miss all of this.

It’s not like I’ve left old apartments behind before, and while I was sad to leave certain aspects, this home was the best! Whoever has visited my place will agree that it looks big and of course my room mates – Preshita Shivani, Apoorva I love you and, I am going to miss the craziness.  I know that a part of me will always be in this house and will be even long after we are gone from this world. Thank you, House! I will treasure all the memories for the years to come.

Life has come full circle but the center has shifted. I didn’t come to India to find a home, but I did find it; I now know where I belong and that is always going to be Kathmandu. At this point, it really doesn’t matter the state of my nation, no matter how good or bad it may be, I have come to realize that I am always going to be Nepali. I am nowhere close to what I want to achieve in my life and this probably looks like a mistake on my part to suddenly move back but starting with baby steps in this country, I have come to realize that moving to Mumbai from Bangalore has humbled me a lot. This city has taught me to look at things from a broader perspective, not be judgmental about people or events and accept each with all that it brings. It has been difficult but has been a growing experience.

Sure, I have visited other cities and traveled a lot within India and I am thankful for each one of you who met me on this journey. I don’t want to list out the names because there are just a lot of them. Each one of you has touched my soul and inspired me, helped me get through my fears and stood by me thick and thin.

I never thought I’d ever say this, but as I write this post I am crying my heart out because there are just too many memories in this country. From being a college student to a working professional, I have come across so many beautiful personalities who have knowingly or unknowingly helped or been there for me at some point.

Maybe, sometimes the journey of a single step starts with a thousand miles in the opposite direction.

Thank you, India and of course, Indians.




24 thoughts on “Till we meet again!

  1. Mumbai is indeed a great city – the city of my birth. I moved to dufferent cities in India and at this point the maddening crowd and heat is what turns me off but the spirit of thr city that never sleeps is remarkable

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  2. (Thankfully) I’ve never lived in Mumbai. Although I have many relatives there and visit for a few days every year. I have a love-hate relation with the city. While I can’t have enough of Bandstand or Marine Drive, I can’t stand the crowd and heat and humidity. I’m glad you liked the city in spite of it all. All the best for the new beginning!

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  3. All the best for new beginnings :). And this line is the best of all and totally agree to it – “Maybe, sometimes the journey of a single step starts with a thousand miles in the opposite direction.”


  4. I so agree with you, few places are just too close to your heart.I never visited Mumbai but your post sure makes me want to visit soon. All the best for your new beginning, big hug 🙂


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  6. Yes indeed! Sometimes the journey of a single step starts with a thousand miles in the opposite direction – it took me a while to understand this, but once I did I realised how profound it was. During college years, friends become your family and bidding them a farewell takes immense courage. I wish you narrated a specific anecdote, but I guess they are too many with a unique flavour of their own. I’d wish the very best of things in life and that you are never too busy to not be able to meet them. 🙂


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