Lapate Bhoye

If you’ve been reading my blog for #MyFriendAlexa then you already must have figured out that  I have been writing about Newars of Kathmandu and also wrote about the cuisines couple of days back. If you’ve missed that one then I have compiled the posts at the end of this post, do read it =)

One of the best ways to try Newari cuisines is to be part of the traditional Newari feast in Kathmandu. At a lapate bhoye, all the guests have to sit on long, narrow straw mats (sukuls) facing each other and a leaf plate is placed before each guest, accompanied by a pala (small clay bowl); like a South Indian wedding where you’re served in a banana leaf. Here, you will be served handfuls of baji(beaten rice) followed by variety of curries like gainda gudi (a mix of different lentils), hariyo saag (green spinach), and alu tama (curry of potatoes and bamboo shoots) along with pickles and alu kerau, which  is a spicy mixture of radish, potatoes, and green and small brown peas.


That is just the beginning of it, more dishes follow in succession. Trust me on this when I say you’re filled with whatever is served in the start so advisable to take small portions so that you can try everything that is served to you. A selection of a dozen or so tasty morsels of meat from different parts of the animal Hakuchoila (broiled spiced ground meat), senla mu (liver that’s steamed and then sautéed), swanpuka (lungs stuffed and fried), bhuttan (fried intestine and other abdominal parts), and mainh (fried pieces of tongue) are some of the tongue tingling dishes that are usually served. While these delectable tidbits are being served, someone else will be busy pouring aila (homemade liquor) into your pala.


aila.jpgThis is the most potent of any alcoholic beverage found in Nepal. It is brewed from millet and distilled. Every ingredient is carefully selected and are mixed with marcha (an edible organic compound used for fermentation). It takes around four to five days for the mixture to ferment. The fermented mixture is locally known as the ‘jad’, and even this can be consumed as a raw and strong liquor. There is a special way of pouring Aila from Ainti, traditional pitcher shape similar to jugs, in a clay pyala called sallie.

Forget tequila shots, try aila when in Nepal or in Kathmandu. Just the sensation of mildly burning throat, food pipe, stomach and intestines will be a memorable mini adventure.






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14 thoughts on “Lapate Bhoye

  1. Asmita, please invite me for your wedding. Please!
    Everything that I am getting to know about the Newari’s through you is fascinating! This food post just had me salivating!
    Shall be back for more! Keep writing!


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