Haku Patasi – Traditional Attire

Well, haven’t I said it enough that Newars are cultural, religiously and traditionally rich community and over the period of time, although the valley has varied communities living together and most of the communities being influenced by one or other communities, the Newars has been successful to conserve their cultural heritage and practices.

Haku Patasi is the traditional dress for women and is very different than the regular sarees which most of you all know about. Made of the handwoven fabric of pure cotton, the black saree is usually heavier and has a red border.


This saree doesn’t cover ankles and is worn from the waist to the calves and a patuka (belt) is tied around it. Patuka is a white piece of cloth wrapped around the waist and is about 18 feet long. A full sleeved blouse tied at four different corners usually called Chaubandi Cholo in Nepal is worn as top above the Patasi. It is complemented by a shawl (gacha) over it and this altogether completes the attire worn by Newari women.

The men usually wear a knee length dress with the upper part of it resembling the women’s clothing, however, it is slightly loose and is worn along with the trousers known as suruwal.


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