That Love

My brother and I have had a poor relationship for years. It’s not that he is self-absorbed and consistently hurtful and of course, he doesn’t upset me, it’s just that we haven’t spoken to each other like a normal sibling would and honestly, I was tired of trying to rejuvenate our bonding.

As families grow larger and loved ones move away, traditions help to bind family members together and strengthen ties. A ritual or family tradition can be the one constant among an ever-evolving group of related people. I’ve stayed away for seven years and for him, it’s exactly double the years and we came together this year after a long gap for Dashain, a fifteen-day-long festival celebrated across Nepal. With the festival coming to an end, his bags are packed while I decided to stay back for good and I never thought I’d say this but my eyes welled up with tears because I am going to miss him and I have no idea when I am going to see him next.

Most of us don’t realize how lucky we are to have our siblings. What I have learned all this while is that the unconditional love shouldn’t be taken for granted. I often claimed that my middle-school and high-school friends saw me at my worst and yes, that was true. Of course, I hated throughout those years because I didn’t realize that even without direct conversation, he was always there.

 We both moved away after high school and I always was that underachiever or the black sheep of the family and today after all these years, I realize that life hasn’t been easy for both of us. We both have struggled and built our own paths and I don’t blame him anymore for not being there when all I needed was his support and I agree, I have been an ass and an idiot and I wish that I wasn’t what I was back then. I am just really glad that I took this vacation because this is what I exactly needed.

Everyone says that siblings become better friends through the years. The lucky ones are those who are friends with their siblings. Trust me, it is never too late to create a better relationship with your younger or older, despite any age difference. Because no matter how many times your brother makes fun of you, he will always have your back.

Go call your brothers and sisters and tell them how much they mean to you. Whether or not you see one another regularly, or only speak on occasion, a family is a family, and a sibling is forever someone who will pick up the phone.

Having a sister or a brother is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they will still be there.


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23 thoughts on “That Love

  1. Such a heart felt post Asmita! In-spite of all those little fights siblings love is unconditional. My younger sister stays away from home for her studies but when ever she is home for a weekend or a festive occasion it feels like the house just got its glory back. I care for her a lot and it reciprocates from her as well. This was a beautiful post filled with emotions and lots of love. I am happy for u that u found that connection back with ur brother 🙂

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  2. That was a touching post! Siblings can drift apart for a variety of reasons but at the end of the day, they do think about you as much as you about them. Getting that spark back can take time but eventually it will if you try well enough. This is a great start to the challenge!


  3. Lovely post, straight from the heart. Things like distance, misunderstandings and fights don’t have too much of an effect on the sibling bond. It’s one of the few relationships that can always be mended.

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  4. Oh yes sibling love is very precious and true; I am blessed to have one gorgeous little brat for a sister; we fight like cats and dogs but our love for each other is unshaken over the years!! I truly believe the fighting keeps our bond fresh and healthy. Hope you get to spend more time with your brother and find an equilibrium in the realtionship!

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  5. I have a sister and our relationship has had its ups and downs too. But I really feel like since we both became mothers, we have become much closer to each other and rely on each other a lot more. Its heartening to read that you are making an effort to reconnect with your brother. All the best!

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  6. Such a warming post and true beyond words! Siblings are a blessing for sure! My brother and I fight , get mad etc but at the end of the day we are there for each other
    But I do think it takes efforts…to create a binding! So, you are doing right… 🙂

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  7. “Having a sister or a brother is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of.” Totally true! I have a little sister and I’m lucky that she still calls me whenever even the tiniest thing change in her life. I hope things stay the same way after years!


  8. My younger bro is 10 years younger to me. And I am the most possessive person about him. When ever he’s home, we fight like cats and dogs, but we are there for each other no matter what. Hope it remains the same as years pass and as he grows up.

    And it’s good to hear that you took the effort for his vacation and tried tor create the bond. Just keep doing more of that and you’re going to have some wonderful moments.

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