Surviving another Friday night

If you, like me, have dedicated a large portion of your time to travel, and spend more time traveling and stay away from your own country, you’re more than likely to meet someone overseas which is a pity, because long distance relationships don’t work, right?

At least that’s what I thought before meeting this amazing guy and I will probably hit the next person who says it doesn’t work out: P Yes, I completely agree that during the weekdays being in a long distance relationship isn’t so painful at least not when compared to long weekends at home alone.

During the week, I’ve usually occupied with work or something that my mom wants me to finish so I’m not as focused on feeling lonely. Then Friday night comes, and while all my friends are busy planning dates or family events with their partner, I’m left wondering what shows and re-runs will be on TV or just watch some shows on Netflix or settle down for YouTube videos.

The only part I like about the weekend probably his longer chats with, but those calls still don’t make up for not having him next to me. It’s even worse when you get invited to an event, and you’re missing your “plus one.” Long-distance means that you probably won’t be able to see your partner, which means that normal couple things like dates aren’t going to be possible. Now, for those of you that manage to make a long distance relationship work, I applaud you.

I met him online and have known him for years and have never met. Of course, we weren’t that close before like we are now and must have missed out on meeting each other multiple times. At the beginning of our relationship, I lacked trust in him because we didn’t know each other too well outside of and didn’t know each other’s daily lives, interests, personalities, or much else. However, we have grown together, and today there is nobody I can trust more than him. I no longer have those irrational thoughts, and can know for certain that he will always tell me the full truth in matters.

Yes, our relationship has been through many ups, downs, twists, and turns. There was a period of about a month where we didn’t contact each other too much because we both were traveling. And, with every dispute we have had; we worked together afterward to find our shortcomings and mistakes, and correct them to make ourselves even better.

Long distance relationships are challenging. A lot of trust is needed in order for them to work.  At the moment, we are just working on the dates to see each other for the first time. He is currently working abroad and I’m extremely proud of him and am glad that he is going through with the path in life he wishes to take.

This man has made me believe in the concept of soul mates, although he doesn’t believe in it and he has helped me through every struggle I have had and helps me become a better person and I have found hope in life through him. I have finally found somebody who accepts me for who I am, understands my faults, and helps me to repair and improve on them. He has taken my broken soul and mended it back together in way better than the original.

Trust me, long distance relationships are well worth it if you find the right person. I haven’t met a single person I have ever loved as much as I love him. And he loves me just as much, or even more so back. Our trust in each other is set in stone, and neither of us knows anybody better than one another.


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6 thoughts on “Surviving another Friday night

  1. Aww that’s lovely Asmita! I feel happy for you that you have found a perfect partner. Indeed long distance relations need a lot of trust…That is the key factor…
    And it is very difficult to place trust in a person we have not met but one knows the connect when its right… I wish you all happiness ahead 🙂 Hugs!


  2. That’s really nice. It’s very difficult and challenging to get that right person, but you know it when you get one, right? Glad that your relationship is strong and may it continue to be so. Hope that you get to see each other soon.


  3. You are one lucky girl! Yes, you said it right. I think long distance relationships are hardest to hold on to because sometimes the distance do get to you and there’s hardly anything you can do about it. Trust and love are two things that help us go on!


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