Live, laugh and love

I woke up one day with the thought that I really needed to find myself. After all these years – so who was I really? I read books, browse the internet and chewed a few brains- friends who indulged me, debated and shared their experiences. Now, if I had to climb the highest mountain or jump down the deep gorge or sail the oceans… I would somehow work it out but finding myself has been one complicated journey.

Some days I feel I know, and some days I flounder in contemplation. The most beautiful things somehow make this journey into my unknown a soulful experience – I look at the sky, the birds flying home, hear a beautiful piece of music, a fallen flower, a person in prayer or just a poem of love and parting and I feel like this is the most ancient experience, this is the feeling that so many people before me have sensed – over time, hundreds and thousands of years ago. And I wonder. After I am gone who else will stand in a moment of complete wonderment and silence as the sun sets behind the mountains even as I do today? I may ever find the answers but it will not be for want of trying. I know today that there would be no good days if there were no bad ones, that the sky wouldn’t be blue if it were never black, and sometimes you have to fall halfway down the mountain to find the path that will take you straight to the top and that there is always time to live, laugh and love even if you don’t have all the answers.


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17 thoughts on “Live, laugh and love

  1. Beautiful piece of writing, this! I don’t think we ever have an answer about who we are, because we are also constantly evolving. But being present to the wonders of this beautiful Universe, that grounds us in the here and now. And sometimes, that is enough.


  2. I think a lot of us go through this phase at one time of the other. Recently I read that there is something known as Quarter life crisis! Crazy, I tell you – this obsession to give a name to everything.


  3. Its okay to be lost Asmita, I feel its a proof that we humans are putting our mind and heart to work if we do so. It is completely normal do not take it in a negative way. Enjoy in your life in this moment and leave worries about future to deal with in the future!

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  4. I think there comes points at several stages of our lives where we feel lost and clueless.But even in those sad moments, there can be something happy. It’s upto us to find the happiness even in difficult times. We have to take care of ourselves; we have to find the happiness we need.This was a nice piece, Asmita.

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