Digital Nomad?

Today I’ve decided to share my story with you on how I felt completely stuck working the 9-5 corporate job, how that was reason enough for me to quit my job to become unemployed.

No, it’s not that I hated the company. Honestly, it was one of the good firms that I have worked for and now I miss that working environment in terms of the neat system and for the things they had in place but I couldn’t bear to stay any longer. Here’s why:

  • I wasn’t passionate about the work anymore
  • I joined this firm and completely lost sight of what life is really about
  • I hate the 9-to-5 work-for-work lifestyle and being stuck in the same office all-day.

So one fine day, I just packed my bags and flew back home thinking I have to find my inner self and what I am truly looking for, in a career and life.  I have a wonderful man by my side, who understands and is super supportive when it comes to personal development. He almost convinced me to travel even though I am financially not at my best because I will have probably will end up investing in hidden costs like broken phones or PCs, expensive restaurants, road trips, utility bills and the list goes on and you know it.

In the weeks that followed, I was completely lost. I slept for 12-13 hrs straight, got up to have lunch and slept again because I was so caught up with work that corporate lifestyle demands that my entire existence revolved around the company and its survival – at the expense of my own. Anxiety, insecurity, and uncertainty dominated my feelings. I felt like I had no idea about what I actually wanted to do “for the rest of my life”. All I knew is – it’s not here.

But you know what, those who say ‘’Quit your job to start things on your own’’, it’s a fucking TRAP. Of course, I appreciate freelancers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs and who have figured out what they want to do and have been doing so far. Sure, I did quit my job because I was miserable but I realized that I wanted to make a difference and thought about getting a job full time or part time or freelancing and just be in control.

So, I joined this reputed firm but I still work for myself even though it’s just a lot of work but of course, I am not sitting on a beach and making money because it doesn’t work that way. You still need to work with your friends, partners, clients, communities and build alliances with people who think like you do. I get to learn something every day because my current work requires a lot of research and making a jump to a completely different field isn’t easy at all.

So if you are thinking of quitting your job because so and so did it, Do not check their Instagram page and be fascinated because they are either broke or unemployed or just living off their parents’ funds.

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15 thoughts on “Digital Nomad?

  1. I quit my job and took up photography. As of now i do not earn as much as i used to as my corporate job and struggle to get an assignment but still i feel it is worth it and some day i aspire become best at what i do. So i feel it is all about finding one-self and attaining clarity on life. It is good that you chose what u are doing.

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  2. I’ve sometimes felt like running away from my job because recently it has become a lot less enjoyable. Like you said, it isn’t easy to figure out what’s after so I’m weighing a lot of options. It felt really good to read this piece – very insightful. Hope things work well for you!

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  3. ROFL was my feeling when I read your straight from the heart, to the point post. There are times when I think of quiting my job, but I hold myself back thinking if I will be able to really enjoy all the perks if I leave the job. Great post and kudos !!

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  4. Very practical advice and I’m glad to hear you had someone supportive by your side. It’s so easy to get swayed by the glossy social media lives of bloggers and travelers but it really don’t see what guess on behind the scenes.


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