Mha Puja

The timing couldn’t be more perfect than this to share this with my readers.  If you’re reading my blog for the first time then you should know that I am a Newar, community residing in almost all over Nepal. I also have done a series on the same, click here

Mha Puja, literally refers to the worship of the inner self, making an offering to one’s body. This is celebrated on the fourth day of Tihar and falls on the Newari New Year which is based on the Newar calendar, Nepal Sambat. 

The body is worshiped during Mha puja as it provides for their existence and they pray for their healthy life so they could work in this physical world. However, some also say that it is an act of purification of the body, mind, and soul for enlightenment against ignorance and evils of the world.

Mha Puja is usually performed on the floor where all the members of a Newar family sit in a row, each member facing a fully decorated mandala (geometric circle). Irrespective of age or sex, all the family members are worshipped in turn by the eldest woman of the family.

Mandala is an essential part of Mha Puja celebration. First, the floor (usually tiled or plastered) is purified by sprinkling holy water collected from a sacred stream. Next Mandalas are created on the floor in front of the row of seats for the family members and elsewhere. A set of closely spaced concentric circles are first drawn in each Mandala area by employing a mustard oil soaked cloth piece wrapped around a flower plant steam or a pencil. At the center of each circle, a compact group of five circles in drawn, each covered by paddy and rice, decorated with flowers and ritual thread.


PC: Ron

These traditions unique to Newa culture are designed to suit Newar beliefs on life and surrounding nature. The grandeur with which Newa traditions are observed can hardly be found elsewhere and Mha Puja exemplifies the uniqueness of the traditions.

Happy Tihar/ Diwali people 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Mha Puja

  1. Another interesting and unique tradition from newar community. Worshiping the inner self! That is indeed very inspiration when u see it to the core! How forward just the mere thought of doing so sounds! I really feel glad to know about such unique traditions 🙂


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