Growing Up?

I was listening to Zinda Hoon Yaar kaafi hai and then I was thinking about my story and the first thing that came to my mind was a quote ‘’You’re not growing up if you’re not losing friends’’ – Something I have always heard people say and to think about it now, they weren’t wrong at all.

This statement really disturbs me because I am one of those suckers who keep looking for friends lost in childhood, let alone those I lose when I grew up. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter I have found several of them but sadly I am not really close to them today as they once did. You can never hope to recreate the magic of a past that you have outgrown.

I have lost touch with most of my high school friends even though we have a proper FB group where people keep posting stuff for meetups and gatherings, none of them are relevant to me because most of them are in North America.

I think we outgrow people and situations. Yes, I would have loved to be in touch with all of them and be friends like how we were as kids because I still value our friendship but people grow and move away from each other too- that’s just LIFE.  However, do not want to give up on people yet or break friendships in order to move on with our lives because that would be most selfish. But yes, it is very much possible that the way we relate to a particular person may change over the years and probably you will give less of yourself to a friend and engage yourself in a different activity and have a different circle as you grow up because equations are bound to change, no doubt on that.

It is heart wrenching to see best friends turn into worst enemies and funny when worst enemies turn into best friends. Watching a friendship go bad is worse than an ugly break up. They were there for you, they saw you at your ugliest and stood by you through the pain. It obviously makes sense to move on rather than hanging on to your old friends if it’s not relevant anymore but you know what, ‘What’s yours will never be lost’, you don’t necessarily have break off all ties, just maintain a healthy relationship!


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11 thoughts on “Growing Up?

  1. Nowadays due to social media we stay connected with friends even more but sometimes the friendship only becomes online. And then there are friends whom you haven’t met since years but feel connected and then there are online friends whose friendship you start valuing more. I have found such beautiful friendships through blogging and treasure them the most.

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  2. It is true that what is ours will never be lost. Friendship is the only relation where “No strings attached” actually hold value. So all one need to do is be their true-self, go with the flow and try to maintain healthy relationship.

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  3. A very true post indeed! I have had friends turn backs and I’m sure I have done the same too.
    However, it makes me sad that we lose friends as we age! Why 😦


  4. I think we need to be ourselves when with friends. And probably tone down our expectations if it’s on the higher side. The good friends will reveal themselves over time and if we have that spark going, it’ll develop into a strong, unbreakable bond.

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  5. Your post speaks to me on a personal level, Asmita, and actually opens up a few wounds that are still raw. But you’re right. We seem to lose friends as we grow up, and outgrow people. It’s not easy to accept that fact, but one needs to, sooner or later. 😦

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