Let’s Tootle – Smart Travel

I am pretty sure you’ve heard of Uber or Ola, the private cab/taxi like service which has made travelling easy for most of us.

Sharing a ride isn’t something new as the services allow you to book cabs nearby your location for best fares and are very convenient if you don’t have your own vehicle or your area is not well connected with public transport services like metro and buses.

Sadly, Nepal doesn’t have Uber or Ola but we do have similar services like them which I will be reviewing next week but today let me tell you about Tootle- Nepal’s version of sharing a ride. No, it’s not a taxi, its a two-wheeler and all it takes is a tap of your finger, and within a few minutes, a nice, shiny ride will show up to take you to your destination.

1.Use the app to pinpoint your pickup location

You can use the map and your phone’s GPS to set your current location so they can pick you up.

2. Wait for them to respond:

This will hardly take 5 to 10 mins as they assign you a rider. Tootle will send you a notification on the app once the ride is accepted and how long you’ll need to wait before you can expect to be picked up.

3.Wait for your payment to be automatically charged:

The fare is already calculated on the basis of the distance you will be covering before you book the ride. Choose to either pay by Tootle Balance or cash (if you want to keep it real simple)

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Tootle Balance


It’s your wallet, digital payment where you can transfer money from either any one of the existing services

Personally, I haven’t used any of the services to top up my wallet because the fare is pretty low and I prefer cash for lower transactions.

Gender Preferences

I really appreciate the team for trying to work around with the gender preferences because I know a couple of people who wouldn’t want to share the ride with the opposite sex.

If you’re a female, you can opt for either any or specifically female rider and of course, the same rule is applicable for the men.

Advance Booking

Are you one of them who wants to book a ride in advance so that your travel experience is smooth? Tootle does give you an option of booking 15- 60 mins prior to your pickup time so that you are never late if you have an appointment and of course if you are one of those punctual people.

Rate your experience: Once your ride is over, you can use the app to rate your driver and overall experience with Tootle.

Track your Ride

I have been asked this a thousand time if we can track the rider or even your own ride and of course, YOU CAN. While you’re waiting for your pickup to arrive, they’ll give you real-time updates on your rider’s location and updates on the path destination on your current trip with them.

Not only this, you can also track your friend’s ride with the assigned Ride Code. Pretty cool, no?

Tootle Availability and Other Details

Sadly, this service is available only in Kathmandu at the moment and really hope that the service expands in the country.

The best part about the service is that it gives you a fare quote according to your location and destination before you even decide to book it so you can see exactly what the cost will be.

Are you a foreign citizen travelling in Kathmandu?

Well, if you’re travelling in Kathmandu and have purchased a SIM card then do sign up for it and if you don’t have one, then perhaps you can ask for someone’s help in booking the ride for you 😛

Because, trust me this initiative will make your travel life easier as you no longer have to hire/rent cabs and of course, bargain with the regular cabs.

Who doesn’t love apps which makes life easier and when it comes to travelling, Tootle certainly has made it easy for someone like me who have to depend on others for transportation and I usually don’t take the public transport at peak hours to avoid the rush.

I really like how efficient they are even though I have heard people say that the ride hasn’t shown up for them or the tracking feature wasn’t accurate enough but things have worked out just fine for me.

The riders are very polite, well behaved rather and I am pretty impressed by them as they are really quick to the request and will make sure that you reach your destination safely. I haven’t really had the chance to get in touch with the customer service team because I never had to except for once when they had called me to inform me that the female rider wasn’t available for my area, which I think was excellent on their part as I would have ended up waiting for my ride.

They operate from 8 am to 8 pm inside Kathmandu Valley and the estimated fare chart is as below. Please note that the fare chart was published in Kathmandu post.

Distance Fare ( in Nepalese Rupee)
First 3 km Rs. 60
First 3 km + additional 3 km Rs. 60 + Rs. 54/3 km
First 6 km + additional km Rs. 114+ Rs.25/km


If you have to travel 12 km, your estimated fare is Rs.264 >>>>>> Much cheaper, No? A regular cab will cost you nothing less than Rs. 400- 500 for this distance.

Want to become a rider partner? Sign up with them

Download the app here and travel smart.

Happy Tootlin’


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One thought on “Let’s Tootle – Smart Travel

  1. Wow! Sounds cool Asmita 🙂
    Even though other cab services have launched two wheeler pick up and drops in Hyderabad they are not yet available extensively throughout the city! I hope something like this happens in my city as well 🙂


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