Nepal – Post Earthquake

2015 – A year we Nepalese will never forget as it hit global headlines when a massive 7.8 earthquake devastated the country. Severe damage was sustained throughout central Nepal, with entire villages flattened but two years later, we are still trying to recover but let me tell you, Nepal is still a fantastic destination.

Rebuilding and restoration are still in process while there are tourists are returning to the Himalayan city.

Kathmandu Valley

Durbar Square and several temples and palaces were pulled apart by the earthquake and it symbolizes the centuries of history lost. But, Kathmandu remains beautiful.

Thamel still remains one of the most backpacker friendly places with hotels that suit every budget and with an array of restaurants representing virtually every cuisine you could think of, this is a brilliant place to begin and end your adventure.

Trekking –  Can you still go trekking?

Yes, I agree that the earthquake triggered an avalanche in Everest which killed at least 20 people, marking the deadliest day in the mountain’s history.

Due to the route’s popularity, the repairs got underway quickly, and the trek is as accessible – and spectacular – as ever.

If you have visited the country post-earthquake, thank you very much because every rupee you spend here ( taxis, hotels, restaurants) you are helping us getting back on our feet.

Happy Journey!






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